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The state has released its first set of CENSUS 2020 numbers and Comer leads all of the citys in Madison County and close to 87%.  Please, if you havent already, complete your Census 2020 form and get it mailed in.  The National Census has shortened the time period to get the forms tunrned in by 30 days.  Please try hard to get your form in by the last day of August.  Every Comer Citizen matters and each Census Form for the citizens of Comer means money for our city. 


***Please do not pile limbs up at the end of your property unless you have contracted someone to come and get the limbs for you.  The city does NOT pick up limbs and neither does AAA Garbage Service.

***Water Bills are DUE by close of business on the 10th of the month.

***If you have a Tax Bill that has not been paid from 2019 or any years prior, you MUST contact Comer City Hall to make arrangements to pay those past due bills by October 1, 2020.


***********THE COMERIAN***********

The Comerian is now open on Thursdays 1 pm till 5 pm and on Saturday morning from 8 am till 12 noon.  Fresh baked breads and pasteries for an extremely reasonable price.  You may place a special order if you like and it will be prepared for you.

Coming soon coffee will be offered as well.


CUSTOMER COMMENT****7/30/20  "The Comerian"

"The fresh baked bread is unbelievable!!!  Ill be back weekly!!!"



****NOTICE***** Hand Sanitizers**********

Please excercise safety every chance you get.  Dont forget to wash your hands and when you do, wash them for at least 20 seconds.  We have recieved word that you should NOT use certain types of hand sanitizers that contain Methanol.  You may Google this to get more specific information and I believe there is a list of type that they are reccomending that you not use.




Over the last several weeks, our city workers and police officers have noticed piles of limbs accumulating around town.  The City does NOT pick up limbs as we do not have the capabilty.  If you have limbs piled up on your property at the street, we are kindly asking you to have the limbs removed.  Failure to not comply couldbe an ordinance violation.



STAR Academy presents "Summer Acting Camp"!!!

July 27-July 31 for ages 8-14.(ages 15-16 may participate as leaders in training)!

Reg Fee is $35 to secure a spot and Camp Fee is $125 for the week and is due the first day of class.

Temperatures will be taken upon arrival; limited access in the bldg to students only; practicing regular hand washing and using hand sanitizer throughout the day.

For information call Toi at 404-731-8631 or you may for a registration packet.  We have a printed flier at City Hall. 



As most of you have heard in the news lately, the Corona-19 numbers for Georgia as well as other states have begun to increase.  On a conference call last week, the CDC and Governors Office has asked citizens to re-commit to washing hands and wearing masks when appropriate for your safety as well as other folks that you are around.



COMMUNITY EVENT!!!  Going's On here in Comer will sponsor a Community Event on October 31.  There will be activities for children and adults.  For more information, please contact Brandi at Going's On in Comer.


The Community Box at City Hall that was used to help some folks in our city has now been changed back to a Library Box with books in there.  Thank you to everyone that contributed to the box that helped some folks in our community.


























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About Comer, Georgia

Welcome to Comer GeorgiaComer is located in south central Madison County at the intersection of Georgia State Routes 72, 98 & 22 - approximately 20 Miles east of Athens. A small town atmosphere with southern charm and hospitality coupled with varied retail businesses, early 20th Century buildings, recreational opportunities, good places to eat, and numerous art studios make Comer a very interesting community to live, visit, or shop.

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Our Elected Officials

The governing body of the City of Comer consists of a Mayor elected at large and four(4) Council Members elected by district. Regular Meetings are scheduled for the first Monday following the first Sunday of each month at 6PM at the Comer City Hall. Called meetings and work sessions are held as needed. Current elected officials are:

Mayor:                     Jody Blackmon:      (Current Term: January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2022)
District 1 Council:
Jimmy Yarbrough: (Current Term: January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2022)
District 2 Council:  Ron Farren:             (Current Term: January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2024)
District 3 Council:  Laura Minish           (Current Term: January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2024)
District 4 Council:  Eddie West              (Current Term: January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2022)

Municipal Staff & Professional Personnel

Director of Operations:              Rocky Miller                                                                                                                              Municipal Court Clerk:                Katie Crane
Public Works Superintendent: John Howard
Police Chief:                                  Cherilyn Bell
Fire Chief:                                      Johnny Bridges
City Attorney:                               James I. Roberts, Kopecky & Roberts
Municipal Court Judge:              Robert Sneed
Engineer:                                       Tom Sloope, P.E., Carter and Sloope, Inc.


Key Information

Phone Number (706) 783.4552
Fax Number (706) 783.3378
Web Site
Population (2010 Census) 1126
eVerify Number 186506
Year Incorporated 1893
Insurance Rating (ISO Class) 3
Congressional District 9th
US Congressman Doug Collins
State Senate District 47th
State Senator Frank Ginn
State House District 33rd
State Representative Tom McCall


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