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UPDATE MARCH 26, 2020 (5:20 pm)

All of our restaurants in Comer are still operating but they are Take Out Only.  Please support them and understand that they are following rules for the benefit of their employees and the well being of the citizens on COMER.



I was involved on a conference call today with the CEO/Hospital Administrator of Piedmont and St Mary's in Athens.  The following is some of the talking points that they gave us:

*No Visitors in the hospital unless special circumstances

*No Volunteers

*They are getting more and more supplies in each day

*If you are having COVID-19 symptoms and you simply drive to the hospital, you will NOT be tested.  You must call first and be pre-screened.

*They have gone from 7-8 days test results to no more than 36 hours.

*Both CEO's said that because more testing is taking place we will hear of more positive results.  That does NOT necessarily mean the virus is spreading,  it just means more folks are getting tested.  

*They have had more negative tests that positive.  

*Both hospitals are only at approx 65%(down from their normal occupancy rate) capacity and they are continuing to plan daily.




As most of you have heard, Madison County has had one (1) confirmed case of COVID-19 and from what we have heard, the patient is doing fine.  Please continue to adhere to the instructions that we are getting from our Governor and President. Please stay at a minimum of six (6) feet apart from other folks.  If you do not have a need to be out and about, please stay in your home.  As stated in earlier updates, City Hall remains closed to the public.  Water Bill payments can be made by dropping them in our drop boxes or mailing them to our P.O. Box 65.

Please be safe and let us know if we can help you.


In an effort to protect the Citizens of Comer and our Employees, City Hall is now closed to public traffic as well as The Comer Police Dept.  The City Hall will still be staffed and we are available by phone at 706.783.4552.  You may pay your water bill by dropping it in either of our drop boxes at the two entrances to City Hall or you may mail it to P.O. Box 65, Comer, Ga 30630.  If you need to discuss your water bill, you must call Rocky at 706.783.4552.

If you need to pay a police citation, you may pay it at or you may call 706.783.4552 and ask to speak with Katie.  Because our City Hall is closed to public traffic, this does not excuse you from payment of your citation.  

If you need Comer Police, you may call the Police Department for non-emergencies at 706.783.0077 or 911 for EMERGENCIES .  Please keep in mind that when our police are on patrol, their office phone is NOT manned.

Thank You for understanding and please call us if you need help.




City Hall remains open with limited access.  We are taking every possible precaution to keep you informed and to keep you as well as our employees safe by giving you all of the information possible.  Please use our drop boxes or mail service (P.O. Box 65) for water bills.  Please do not allow the fact that we are being told to do self quarantines to allow you to panic. Reducing contact will obviously help with spread of COVID-19.  Our police and EMS are working their normal shifts and if you need them you may call 911 or call City Hall and they will be dispatched.....after business hours you must call 911.  Should you need EMS, call 911 any time!

Please see the message below concerning the Mayor and Council Meeting(s).  Our Mayor and Council have deemed it necessary to do whatever they can to protect our citizens and yet conduct the City's business and this is one way that they can do this.



UPDATE MARCH 20, 2020 

As you all know, the Coronavirus is huge in the news.  Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after you have been exposed to the virus.  The symptoms seem to mirror what we know as the flu.  The symptoms are as follows:



*Shortness of Breath

We are being told to make certain that you wash your hands every chance you get and then some!  Keep your hands away from your face and mouth.  If you feel like you have these syptoms, consult your doctor immediately.  It may not be the Coronavirus, but fatalities are happening because people are waiting too long and other complications arise.



 The City Of Comer is looking for two part time (32 hours) employees.  This work will be seasonal work, grass cutting, etc.  The jobs are available to apply for immediately.  The season will run from late spring until the fall.  Please come by City Hall for the application.

Thank You


Several concerned citizens have grouped together to rally around folks in our community that need help during these uncertain times.  While we all want to remain positive and to remember that "this too shall pass", should anyone have a need, a box has been set up right outside of City Hall to help those in need.  There are cards in the box that you may fill out to indicate needs that you have.  Citizens that want to help, may come by and get one of the cards out of the box, purchase or donate the item needed and deliver it to the front door of those in need.  There is a flier on the box that will give the details of this Community Program.  Should you have any questions, you may call Rocky at City Hall at 706.783.4552 

April 2020 Mayor & Council Meeting

The April 2020 Mayor and Council Meeting will take place at the regularly scheduled time on April 6.  In light of our present situation with COVID-19, even though the meeting will  be open to the public, we are asking citizens to use discretion when deciding whether to attend.  The agenda for the meeting will be extremely short with no pressing items at this time.  Should you have any questions from the Mayor and Council, you may write your question and drop it in our "Night Drop Box" located at each door into City Hall.  As long as your question is appropriate in nature, the question and the answer will be published in the Minutes of the meeting. The Mayor and Director of Operations will be present in City Hall and the Council Members will be on conference call.

Until further notice, all future Mayor and Council Meetings will be held in this manner.

Should you have any questions, please call Rocky at City Hall 706.783.4552

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About Comer, Georgia

Welcome to Comer GeorgiaComer is located in south central Madison County at the intersection of Georgia State Routes 72, 98 & 22 - approximately 20 Miles east of Athens. A small town atmosphere with southern charm and hospitality coupled with varied retail businesses, early 20th Century buildings, recreational opportunities, good places to eat, and numerous art studios make Comer a very interesting community to live, visit, or shop.

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Our Elected Officials

The governing body of the City of Comer consists of a Mayor elected at large and four(4) Council Members elected by district. Regular Meetings are scheduled for the first Monday following the first Sunday of each month at 6PM at the Comer City Hall. Called meetings and work sessions are held as needed. Current elected officials are:

Mayor:                     Jody Blackmon:      (Current Term: January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2022)
District 1 Council:
Jimmy Yarbrough: (Current Term: January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2022)
District 2 Council:  Ron Farren:             (Current Term: January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2024)
District 3 Council:  Laura Minish           (Current Term: January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2024)
District 4 Council:  Eddie West              (Current Term: January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2022)

Municipal Staff & Professional Personnel

Director of Operations:              Rocky Miller

Municipal Court Clerk:                Katie Crane
Public Works Superintendent: John Howard
Police Chief:                                  Cherilyn Bell
Fire Chief:                                      Johnny Bridges
City Attorney:                               James I. Roberts, Kopecky & Roberts
Municipal Court Judge:              Robert Sneed
Engineer:                                       Tom Sloope, P.E., Carter and Sloope, Inc.


Key Information

Phone Number (706) 783.4552
Fax Number (706) 783.3378
Web Site
Population (2010 Census) 1126
eVerify Number 186506
Year Incorporated 1893
Insurance Rating (ISO Class) 3
Congressional District 9th
US Congressman Doug Collins
State Senate District 47th
State Senator Frank Ginn
State House District 33rd
State Representative Tom McCall


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