The City of Comer is performing a city-wide, routine hydrant flush on June 28 and 29. Service disruptions are not expected, and if you experience water discoloration, allow it to flow for several minutes to see if it will clear. Please contact city hall if the problem persists, and check our website often for any further information.

We appreciate your patience as we diligently work to maintain our high standards for Comer city water!

Comer Elementary has a summer reading program, with prizes!

Check this out for more info!

SOAR summer reading

To sign up for Madison County alert notifications, visit their website at

Scroll to the bottom to register. This program will advise you of emergency situations and scheduled water cut offs in Comer.

The referendum of March 16, 2021 allowing the city of Comer to issue licenses for liquor by the drink

and for Sunday sales of liquor by the drink passed three to one.

The council will be working diligently to adopt this referendum as city ordinance, and issue licenses as soon as possible.

Please set trash cans apart from mailboxes!

The postal service is not allowed to move cans, so if the carrier is unable to reach your mailbox, the mail cannot be delivered

Chief Bell and the Comer Police Department are collecting house keys for residents

that want them to be available to emergency services.

Watch the video for more information:

video credit Zach Miles, Grady Newsource


held monthly on the first Monday after the first Sunday, with exceptions for scheduling conflicts

The July meeting has been moved to

MONDAY, JUNE 28, 202I AT 6:00 PM