If trash pickup is missed, or a replacement container is needed,

call AAA at (706) 543-7788

All trash inside container must be bagged to prevent spills!

Occupational licenses are $40.00

Fees for rezoning, conditional use, or area variance applications are $45.00

Rates & Fees for Services

Water, sewer, garbage and other rates are set by Comer City Council Resolution. Water meters are read between the 10th and 15th of each month with water and sewer charges based on water use. Statements are mailed at or near the first of each month. Rates for out of town service are calculated at 2.25 times the rates for services within the city limits. Services extended out of town will be considered on a case by case basis and require special approval by the Comer Mayor and Council.

Current In-City Rates are:

Water & Sewer

Minimum Monthly Water Charge for Use up to 1,500 Gallons: $12.00

Surcharge Per 1,000 Gallons Use Over 1,500 Gallons: $5.50

Minimum Sewer Charge: $12.00

Sewer Charge for Water Use Over 1,500 Gallons: 100% of Water Charge

If an account is suspended because of an overdue balance, the activation fee of $50.00 will be required along with payment in full before the account can be reactivated. Restoring water service may take up to three days.


Monthly Residential Garbage Fee, Per 96 Gallons maximum: $14.00/Container

Monthly Commercial Garbage Fee for 1 Pickup / Week: $16.00/Container

Monthly Commercial Garbage fee for 2 Pickups / Week: $26.00/Container

New Services: Residential & Commercial

Account Activation Fee: $50.00

Security Deposit for New Service: $150.00

Residential Water Tap Fee: $500.00

Residential Sewer Tap Fee: $500.00

Water Availability Fees for Newly Constructed Residential Service: $500.00

Sewer Availability Fees for Newly Constructed Residential Service: $2500.00


Water tap and availability fee: 2.25 X $500.00

Sewer tap: 2.25 X $500.00 Sewer availability fee: 2.25 X $2500.00

*Additional cost related fees may apply

Property Tax Millage Rate

2020 Property Tax Millage Rate: 4.0 **effective since 2017**