Around Town

Bendzunas Glass Studio and Gallery

89 W. South Ave, Comer, Ga

706-783-5869 or

facebook: Bendzunas Glass

Studio will be open for sales and demonstrations starting Friday, Nov 10,11, and 12th. 

Then until Christmas, but demonstrations by appointment. 

Get 10% off and a great selection when buying from our gallery!

The Comer Farmers Market is open every Saturday from May through September. Check their FaceBook page for current info! 

Soldier of the Sea Distillery is a veteran owned distillery that locally sources grain and honey from Madison county for its production of fine whiskies, both aged and unaged. Several of our aged whiskies are dedicated to those that have served in the US military, the first Sea Duty, being released December 1st, 2022. Our bourbon will also be themed around protecting pollinators, since they are an integral part of agriculture. 


Soldier of the Sea will be open to the public Thursdays - Saturday, from 3pm - 8pm starting December 1st for tastings and bottle sales

Starting in January 2023, the Hive, Comer's first pub, will offer local beers, wine and cocktails made from our own spirits. Please join us then for libations and comradery!

For more information our website is 

Check out the 

Madison County Chamber of Commerce 

for more local businesses and events!

Madison County Chamber of Commerce 

Madison County Habitat for Humanity, founded in 1998, is proud to call Comer home. In June of 2021,

MCFHF moved its official center of business to 1956 Main Street. Currently an all-volunteer affiliate,

MCHF builds a home for a deserving family every other year. There are yard sale events once a month,

advertised on Facebook, and a donation portal on the website. Check us out at and!

 Honey Pond Garden Club

 was founded in Comer, GA in August, 2020, with the following aims:

To promote fellowship and mutual helpfulness among members;

To beautify both private and public grounds in Comer through active participation;

To promote the study of gardening, including horticulture, conservation and related topics;

To feed and provide habitat for birds and pollinators.

Anyone interested in joining our Club and promoting its aims is cordially invited to attend our meetings, held every 2nd Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in a setting announced prior to each meeting.

 For more information, please contact Betsy or Bruce Gandy at (706) 783-8024.

83 E North Ave

Open Saturdays 9 - 12 pm

Coffee roaster